ET-PR-40 80mm Thermal Printer (Wifi+USB+LAN)

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(USB/RS232/LAN connectivity, Wi-fi)

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Weight 1.560 kg
Printing method

Thermal Line

Printing width


Print speed


Line Spacing

3.75mm(Can adjust line spacing by command)

Paper type

Thermal Roll

Paper width


Paper diameter

≤ 80mm








Android, IOS, Linux, Win XP, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10

  • 300 mm / second ultra high-speed printing, improve the printing efficiency
  • Excellent waterproof, anti – oil, anti-dust structure design
  • Support wall hanging function, meet the special environment printing
  • Movable baffle design, support 80MM, 58MM different width of the paper roll printing
  • Support 80MM large diameter roll
  • Support kitchen printing and Internet printing
  • Support printer monitoring function,to avoid losing bills
  • Using 100M Ethernet card, connect printer faster, to avoid losing bills
  • Recover printing after netwok disconnection,to avoid losing bills
  • 2048K super input buffer,to avoid losing bills
  • Support LOGO Graphical download and print
  • Support 1D,2D bar code printing
  • Support order come remind and error alarm
  • Support black mark orientation and re-print
  • GB18030 Large font
  • Support Multi language printing
  • Richinterface:Internet+USB+COM
  • Internet+USB+WIFI; USB+GPRS
  • USB+COM; USB+Bluetooth
  • Built-in WEB server,configure printer by IE browser
  • Compatible with ESC/POS print instruction mode
  • Support Windows,Linux,Android and IOS system printing


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